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On March 30, 2012, whether you like it or not, your Facebook account is going to be switched over to the new Timeline format. If you haven’t yet converted voluntarily, you’ve at least noticed that many of your “friends” have already done so, and by this point you should recognize the new layout.

One of the nifty surprises with the newest Facebook makeover is that your privacy settings are going to be adjusted. This seems to be a common side effect of these types of updates. One specific update is troublesome: All of your pre-Timeline posts that were only viewable by “friends of friends” or “friends” will become “public.”

(Note: You can see how the public currently sees your page by finding the little gear icon drop-down menu and selecting “View as…” and presto! You can see how complete strangers view you page.)

Here’s how to keep your old posts private once you’ve switched to Timeline:

1) Log into your account and from the drop-down menu beside “Home” in the upper right, select Privacy Settings.

2) From the list on the Privacy Settings page, select Limit the Audience for Past Posts.

3) Click Limit Old Posts (see below)

4) A new window (see below) will appear with a scary message letting you know that you can’t revert this global change easily… but what is really happening is: you’re denying Facebook the right to take all of your previously private posts and make them available for the public to see. Unless you’ve had a change of heart, don’t worry that you’re maintaining the status quo you’ve already established.

5) Once you’ve confirmed, you can do another “View as…” to get a public view of your page and confirm your page is as private as you’d like.

Finally – do yourself a favor and click through your other privacy settings… just to make sure the settings are what you want!

*This article was originally published on Earnest Media.

Amanda Jennison

Amanda Jennison

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