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Challenge – American University publishes a quarterly magazine, American, that is circulated to over 100,000 readers. American University selected Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (Adobe DPS) to create and publish American magazine as a tablet app with the goal of leveraging the opportunities of digital to create an innovative experience for its readership. While American University has the resources to publish the digital edition in-house, they were in need of a strategic partner with Adobe DPS experience to design the launch issue. They would also need a partner who could provide guidance to the American team who would be in charge of designing subsequent issues.

Solution – American University partnered with Bates Creative, a trusted Adobe Solution Partner Agency, to help its team design and publish the launch digital issue of American magazine. The Adobe DPS edition not only compliments the print publication but also leverages the digital medium to support creative storytelling with added assets and design elements to engage readers accessing the magazine from their tablets. The interactive edition of American helps strengthen American University’s reputation as forward-thinkers within its industry while giving the University an opportunity to build greater affinity, pride and connections within the University’s network. Following the launch of the digital edition, the American team will design subsequent issues using the templates created by Bates Creative to ensure a consistent look and feel is produced for the digital edition.

Download the American Magazine App, available for free for your tablets. Visit the Apple App Store to download.

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