Business Aviation Insider Magazine Redesign

Challenge – The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) began publishing Business Aviation Insider as a quarterly newsletter in 2006. NBAA expanded the content for the newsletter over a few years time, and in 2010 adopted a magazine identity for it. Due to these incremental changes and the introduction of ad space into the magazine, the design slowly evolved through a patchwork approach rather than in a more strategic and focused way. In late 2014, NBAA determined it needed to take a comprehensive look at the magazine to refocus its efforts and strengthen its position as an essential resource for all NBAA members.

Solution – NBAA began the process of revitalizing Business Aviation Insider by tapping Bates Creative to do an in-depth critique of the magazine in its current state. Following the magazine critique, NBAA decided a magazine redesign was needed to reach all of the goals the organization set forth for Business Aviation Insider. Before beginning the magazine redesign process, NBAA also made the strategic decision to adopt Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (Adobe DPS) as a new platform for its digital edition to offer more engagement for members through the new magazine app. The updated look and feel of Business Aviation Insider brings a new, modern energy to the magazine. NBAA’s upfront assessments helped to streamline the redesign process and ensure that the design decisions made would work to create an engaging and cohesive reader experience across both print and digital editions. NBAA is now able to provide a memorable and engaging reader experience that reflects the value of NBAA to its members, supports the NBAA brand and strategic goals, and showcases NBAA’s member benefits.

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