Gateway Magazine Design

ChallengeGateway magazine is published by gategroup, the leading independent global provider of products, services and solutions related to a passenger’s on-board experience. Gateway showcases the company’s integrated global capabilities while providing insight into different aspects of the business for employees, suppliers and customers. gategroup came to Bates Creative with the goal of launching Gateway as a travel lifestyle magazine with a look and feel to reflect this new direction.

Solution – Bates Creative and Gateway’s editorial team worked together to explore various design directions for the magazine’s design. From the beginning, gategroup was inspired by Swiss-style design, recognized for its beautiful use of simplistic elements often led by typography as opposed to textures and illustrations. Bates Creative pursued this direction and created an entirely reimagined layout that evokes the Swiss-style desired for the magazine. The first issue following the magazine design was centered on the theme of culinary excellence. Bates Creative used clean and simple typography paired with elegant culinary imagery to bring this theme to life. Through the new design of the magazine, gategroup is able to tell the stories of how the company’s many products improve the quality of life for passengers everywhere.

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