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Challenge – IHMM, the Institute for Hazardous Materials Management, was at an inflection point in the organization as it was approaching the celebration of its 30th anniversary. As the credentialing organization for its industry, IHMM knew its brand needed to evolve to reflect the advancements of the profession and the organization, while bringing a modern look and feel to its brand identity to help attract a younger demographic. IHMM’s rebranding initiative would need to include a new visual identity and language, as well as a new communications and marketing strategy.

Solution – IHMM engaged Bates Creative to redesign the visual identity of the brand and partnered with Epic PR Group to develop its new communications and marketing strategy to coincide with the new look and feel of the brand. Bates Creative explored several concepts for a redesigned logo that would represent all areas in the hazardous materials management industry. The final logo has a repetition of diagonal lines suggestive of caution tape or caution lines often associated with the industry. The unique shape of the mark itself, combined with the deliberate cuts in the letters, create a representation of the diamond shaped hazard plaques and signs that are folded and placed in facilities. The bold color palette chosen for the new identity brings a revitalized energy to the brand. Through the rebrand process and developed marketing strategy, IHMM is able to be more proactive in increasing awareness, relevance and recruiting a new generation of individuals entering into the profession. Final deliverables following the rebrand include brand guidelines, a stationery system, redesigned certificates and business cards.

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