Legendary Magazine Design

Challenge: Bright & Co. Marketing, a real-estate marketing firm located in Texas, manages the marketing for several homebuilders. American Legend Homes, a Bright & Co. client, was interested in launching a marketing piece that would differentiate its brand as a unique and high-end homebuilder. Bright & Co. Marketing came to Bates Creative to develop a piece that would connect with potential new homeowners considering purchasing an American Legend Home.

Solution: Bright & Co. Marketing felt strongly that American Legend Homes’ consumers would be attracted to a high-end magazine that marketed the homes’ features with a personal touch. Bates Creative collaborated with Bright & Co. to design a publication that had the look and feel of a high-end magazine to reflect the quality of the homes. Bates Creative and Bright & Co. chose Legendary as the name for the publication and developed a content strategy to ensure the publication’s articles had a personal touch to connect with potential new homeowners. The finished 60-page publication is filled with articles, features and pictorals that feature trends, interviews and tips in a new and unique way. Legendary is distributed exclusively through American Legend Homes’ sales offices.

“This approach allows us to package the client’s message in a manner that we believe is more compelling and ultimately more effective in resonating with the target than a standard corporate brochure.”

– Tracy Lucas, President, COO, Bright & Co. Marketing

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