Branding and Identity

Challenge – The Pentagon Memorial Fund needed an identity that expressed the ideals of the memorial that would be designed for and dedicated to those who lost their lives at the Pentagon and aboard Flight 77 on September 11, 2001. The Fund sought a simple visual identity that would communicate the serenity, reflection and renewal that would be found at the memorial and also convey the ripple effect the attack conducted on September 11th had on the community.

SolutionAfter reviewing the plans for the memorial site, we created a logo inspired by the site’s concept: Simple yet sophisticated design. The memorial’s spirit would embody an elegant, defining icon by incorporating the color and shape of the paperbark maple leaf with ripples of water representing the shape of the Pentagon. We developed the tagline “Remember, reflect, renew.” to capture the essence of what the families of the victims believe the memorial is destined to be and incorporated it into the logo using simple, uncluttered typography. We have applied the identity to all collateral material, including: letterhead, brochures, and a web site dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the memorial.

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