Securing Water for Food Responsive Website Design

Challenge: Securing Water for Food (SWFF) is an organization dedicated to pioneering new innovative technologies that help farmers around the world produce more food while focusing on water efficiency, salinity and storage. SWFF currently has 30 innovators in more than 25 countries around the world, positioning its prestigious global network as a $33.5 million project. While SWFF’s contribution to the agricultural community is reputable, it needed a website that accurately represents its credibility as the leading connector at the water and agricultural nexus.

Solution: SWFF tapped Bates Creative to redesign its website responsively for desktop, mobile and tablet devices in an effort to generate more awareness for the groundbreaking ecological innovations SWFF promotes across the globe. The primary goal of the website redesign was to expand awareness and heighten credibility in the innovation space while attracting the interest of future investors and resource partners. In order to achieve this, Bates first developed wireframes that supported SWFF’s proactive communication strategies to make the website an easily navigable resource tool. From there, the website was designed with SWFF’s clean Earth-tone branded colors including shades of blue, white and green that align with its position in the water and agriculture industries. Website visitors are now journeyed through web pages organized with rich content, vibrant photo galleries, custom touch points, blog content and live social media feeds.

“Bates Creative did a fantastic job from a project management, process, design and final deliverable standpoint. We are super pleased with the results. The team was ahead of time on their schedule and delivered precisely on budget. We definitely appreciate the working relationship and the way the process was executed. We’ve got an awesome website that has received numerous accolades from our founding partners, SWFF innovators, and SWFF program influencers. 
– Donna Vincent Roa, Chief of Party, Securing Water for Food

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