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Challenge – The Automatic Meter Reading Association (AMRA) had taken on a new mission to promote and share best practices for the automatic meter reading industry. Along with the mission, the digitization of its industry prompted the association’s decision to develop a new name and identity. AMRA also sought to improve its position to attract and educate utility members at all operational stages of automatic meter reading.

Solution – To start, we held a renaming session with a naming agency partner to develop a strong new name for AMRA. Utilimetrics was selected because it encompassed both innovation and the association’s new scope of services. We designed the new logo using a mixture of historically relevant industrial labeling and modern typography. In addition, we chose the color palette to enhance the logo’s industrial feel and to give it a stand-alone pop the brand needed to establish one-of-a-kind marketing collateral. We designed three additional icons to represent the three utilities metered by the association. Our complete redesign of the association’s visual identity unified Utilimetrics internal and external image. Utilimetrics now has the solid brand needed to position itself to attract and educate its target audience while retaining its original blue-collar, industrial feel.

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