Caution: This Agency Brings the Creative Heat

We Are Bates Creative

On paper, we’re a full service design agency in the Washington, D.C. metro area. What we really are is a collaboration of creatives who thrive on transforming challenges into positive, branded results. We believe that immersive design does not come from a computer. It’s fueled by the visual and visceral nature of designers, developers, marketers and visionaries who believe in the art of an idea. By blurring the lines between business-minded logic and thought-provoking design, we create meaningful solutions for all clients ranging from big dogs to new ventures.

Our Leadership Lineup

Our team is made up of a little bit of everything—design, strategy, copywriting, developing and personality. It’s why we’re able to work in sync with various perspectives and reach new heights of design that climb our clients to the top of their markets. Meet our leadership team. They know how our team works, and more importantly, how we can work for you.


Bates Creative is the brainchild of Debbie Bates-Schrott, a woman who leads by inspiration and innovation, not imitation. While Bates nods to her family name, she has welcomed all employees, clients and partners to shape the experience of what “Bates” really is. Since 2003, we’ve lived up to and exceeded industry expectations—our reputation as “The Rowdy Agency” at galas included. What can we say, we’re people with a purpose who live to make an impression.

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Think You Can See Yourself Here?

We don’t think of it as “going to work.” At Bates Creative, every day is an opportunity to mature more as a professional with passion at the helm. After all, design rules here, egos do not.

Career Opportunities

Every Achievement Counts

While we prize our awards ranging from ADDYs to the W3’s, we value the trust that our clients have in us to get the job done right even more. And trust us, we celebrate like there’s no tomorrow with each and every achievement. Work hard, play hard, right?

won over

DC Addy Awards
EXCEL Awards
Folio Ozzie Awards
MUSE Gold Creative Award
W3 Awards
Adobe Public Sector Awards
Folio Top Women in Media
Grand Ex Award
ASAE Gold Circle Award
Association Trends Award
SPD Annual

Telly Awards
Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington
Min Best of the Web Awards
Min Editorial and Design Awards
Department of Defense Thomas Jefferson Award
PRINT Regional Design Annual
MAGS Awards
IABC Inkwell Awards
Drupal Blue Drop Awards
WBJ Book of Lists