When AIGA launched its design-centric Get Out the Vote campaign to motivate the American public to vote on Election Day 2016, we were excited to exercise our creative freedom to spread a positive message. Since President’s Day, our team has been designing nonpartisan posters along with hundreds of fellow designers across the country who can all agree upon one thing this election year—voting is your voice.

On November 8, 2016, our country will elect a new president. We are proud to be a part of a creative community that will inspire others to get out and vote.

Poster: Wield Your Power

Designer: Ashe Abbott

Technique: Vector Illustration

“Voting is the only real power we have in this political process, and when we don’t vote, we are willingly giving up our power. We still have the power to make a statement about what we think is right. By wielding our power through voting, we show that we have voice.”

Poster: Regardless of Your Perspective

Designer: Cecile Jordan

Technique: Custom Typography

“The inspiration for this design stems from my empathetic ability to see a situation from multiple angles. In my everyday life, I avoid discussing politics as it’s very hard for me to pick which side is “right” or “wrong.” How you vote really depends on what life experiences you bring to the voting booth and I dislike that the election causes people to criticize one another without really understanding each other’s perspective. It’s not about cutting down our fellow Americans, but raising up our patriotic spirit. With those thoughts in mind, I developed an ambigram, which is literally a bipartisan typographic treatment. Placed against a black background to maintain a neutral tone, there is no wrong or right way to hang the poster as the viewer will be able to understand the poster’s meaning from opposite perspectives.”

Poster: I Think Therefore I Vote

Designer: Eliza Rownaghi

Technique: Custom Typography

“Descarte’s quote is a commonly referenced truth within philosophy. It speaks to basic human existence; that thought is a natural instinct inherent to us because we are human. As American citizens, it should be a natural instinct for us to vote because we are an inherent and essential part of this country. The interplay between the two meanings appeals to me—it’s a more elegant means of saying ‘don’t be dumb; go vote.'”

Poster: Unite, or Die

Designer: Sam Rahman

Technique: Hand Drawn Illustration

“In 1754, Benjamin Franklin implored the colonies to ”Join, or Die” in order to win the French and Indian War. In 2016, we must unite once again. No matter which party you belong to, you must get out and vote. The only harmful decision is not to participate.”

Visit each poster’s page on the AIGA website and download a free PDF of each design to share and spread the word. 

Header image courtesy of AIGA