From business owners to marketers and digital savvies in between, we are living through a time of innovation in an ever-changing omni-channel world that transforms how businesses connect with their audiences.

This explosion of connectivity has been in the works for years, but understanding this “digital transformation” has become top of mind recently.

“Always On” Digital Shift

The average person checks their phone at least 46 times a day, according to Time magazine in a December 2015 article. Understanding consumer patterns and technology habits helps businesses stay relevant in the digital transformation.

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Marty Neumeier, a Silicon Valley-based author and speaker specializing on the topics of brand, design, innovation and creativity, writes in his book, The Brand Flip,

“The question isn’t whether your company will be disrupted, but when.”

The market is undergoing a massive migration from a material-based economy to a digital one. We sleep with our tablets and phones by our sides. We are “always on.” Customer interaction in this platform economy breaks down how your business fits in with connecting to audiences into two camps:

  1. You are leveraging this surge of technology to be where your audiences are
  2. You are trying to ignore the digital transformation

Not Business As Usual

Digital transformation has to move in from the fringe of your business model to become the core of your brand. No sector or industry is immune to this dramatic shift that technology delivers. While this transformation includes changes at varying extents, it does impact the modernization of business systems, models, processes and architecture.

Focusing on customer experience through the lens of technology will put your marketing efforts into an omni-channel perspective.

  • Is your brand voice consistent across all media channels?
  • What type of experience is your brand delivering to the end-user?
  • How do your organization’s marketing, operations, sales and production departments work together to develop a consistent brand identity?

As technology and customer behavior evolves, businesses must be agile enough to find the right way to reach audiences and drive a positive impact. So how do you approach the positive opportunities the digital transformation creates for business? Consider the future of your business by leveraging your past assets to accomplish new goals.

Innovation requires diversity in thinking. I know all of this seems like a daunting task, but we can help you get started on building a clearer pathway to success.