Adobe recently released a slew of statistics related to the state of the mobile marketplace and specifically its product Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). The stats are not only thought provoking but also eye-opening. Let’s take a dive into some of the most influential numbers and see what it means for your organization.

Tablet vs. Smartphone Growth

Tablet vs. Smartphone Growth

Stat – “In just three years, tablets have overtaken smartphones in the amount of traffic they drive. Internet users view 70% more pages per visit when browsing on a tablet vs. a smartphone.”

Significance – Consumers are starting to interact with tablets the same way they did with PCs. Consumer engagement and time spent interacting with content on tablets proves that organizations need to meet their audience’s needs in the mobile space.

Adobe DPS gives organizations a wide-range of opportunities to create content specifically for the tablet. DPS transforms your content like publications, sales tools, media kits, internal resources, and event marketing (just to name a few) into an interactive digital experience for your audience, we like to call it an Experience Under Glass.

We should also note that responsive design is another option that gives organizations the opportunity to meet these needs by leveraging technology to create an optimum website experience across all devices – desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Conversion by Mobile Device Type


Stat – “Online shoppers are 3x more likely to make a purchase when shopping with a tablet than a smartphone.”

Significance – Organizations with ecommerce or donation portals on their websites can easily integrate ways to drive audiences to make purchases while they are interacting with your digital publication or app. The term “point-of-purchase” suddenly takes on a new meaning when it refers to a customer lounging on their couch interacting with your organization’s app and then deciding to make a purchase or donation to support your mission.

Adobe DPS enables organizations to easily integrate their e-commerce website or donation portal into their app. A great example is Heifer International’s digital gift giving guide. Their digital publication brings donation options and promotional products right to their audience’s fingertips, increasing donations and awareness for their organization’s mission.

Engagement by Device Type


Stat – “75% of reading sessions occur on tablets and 23% on smartphones. When compared to smartphone readers, tablet readers open their app 2x as often per month and read 3x as many pages each time they read.”

Significance – Consumer behavior reflects that audiences are becoming more comfortable with mobile devices and going to their tablets specifically to read content. Organizations contemplating launching an app should keep these numbers in mind, but should also take a look at their own web analytics to see how their audience is using mobile devices. A survey is another great way to take a pulse of how your audience is interacting with their mobile devices and specifically what they use their devices for – to check email, make transactions, read publications, search for company or event information, etc.

Adobe DPS is a customizable app solution that can be used as an organizational tool to meet audiences specific needs. Determine how your audience uses their devices and then bring that content to their fingertips – where they want to access it. Whether it’s a sales presentation, annual report, internal HR resources, event app, or digital magazine, tailor your content and create an Experience Under Glass for your audience.

The Adobe DPS Enterprise Level license offers the benefit of integrating with Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. This provides built-in app analytics. Once an app is launched, you can track how your audience is interacting with it, what content is most popular, and what interactive elements are getting the most play. Tracking these analytics helps organizations determine future app updates as well as audience behavior.

Digital Magazine Readership Growth

Stat – “From August 2012 to February 2013, there was a 200% average growth in readers of digital publishing apps.”

Significance – The adoption of digital magazines has grown significantly in just 7 months. Audiences are latching on to this new way of consuming content. It makes sense that they are sticking with digital publications especially when they can have fun swiping, scrolling, sharing and playing with the content – something that isn’t possible on the printed page.

Adobe DPS is the leader in digital publishing technology. 18 out of the top 20 publications in iTunes use DPS to create an Experience Under Glass for their audience, and that’s what keeps the readers coming back for more.

Digital Magazine Readership Growth

The time for Adobe DPS is now.

The technology and resources are available for all organizations to utilize and benefit from. To conclude, here’s some advice straight from Adobe,

“Mobile devices have changed the way consumers interact with business. Marketers should understand the trends, strengths, and weaknesses of both tablets and smartphones in order to present the right experience to the different mobile customers.”

Interested in seeing the rest of the published stats? Download Adobe’s “The State of Mobile Benchmark” and read Adobe’s recent Press Release announcing 100 million Adobe DPS publication downloads.

Bates Creative is an Adobe DPS Agency Partner, for more information on what this means for our agency and clients, check out our news post.