Case Study

ASME Demand

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers in a non-profit organization that connects 130,000 members from 151 countries to promote the art, science and practice of multidisciplinary engineering. With a membership audience ranging from students to corporate executives to academic leaders, ASME offers a wide range of resources and events to unite communities by demonstrating the impact engineering has on the quality of life.

Bates Creative and ASME’s editorial team began their creative partnership on a previous redesign project, leading the team to tap Bates Creative once more for its new initiative. In 2013 ASME rolled out plans to launch a new and unique publication, known today as Demand, dedicated to the ASME Global Development Review.

AGDR focuses on helping meet the needs of individuals and organizations working at the intersection of technology and global development. Bates Creative worked with ASME from the conception of its magazine’s name to the full articulation of the print and digital editions and continues as its ongoing design partner to this day.


  • Content Strategy
  • Magazine Ongoing Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Conference Collateral
  • Digital Discovery and Strategy
  • Mobile App Design and Development


  • EXCEL Awards
  • FOLIO: Eddie & Ozzie Awards
  • The American Advertising Awards – Washington, DC

An editor really has to trust their designers—that they’re invested in the mission and audience of the publication. That’s unquestionable. Bates Creative and ASME designed this magazine together, and they have become a fluid part of the Demand team. As an editor, I just love working with this team day to day—I would be lost without them.

Jessica Pothering, Editor
Demand ASME Global Development Review

Introducing ASME Demand

Bates Creative went to the drawing board to concept a name for the new publication while paving the way for its content strategy. Both teams unanimously agreed on dubbing the new publication, Demand —a name that reflects the industry’s demand for more involvement from mechanical engineers to help develop and deliver appropriate, technology-based solutions to benefit the environment, public health and infrastructure.

The quarterly publication is chock full of interesting nuances that deviates from standard publication design. The print design uses only one color, one typeface, custom illustrations and no photography – deliberate design decisions made to mirror how engineers are working to do more with less around the globe. Each issue of the publication is designed around a carefully selected pop color that is leveraged to create the illustrations for each article. The unique design approach taken for this case study-focused publication helps ASME excite readers and inspire engineers working in global development.

Because Demand was a new initiative for AGDR, the editorial team has since leveraged the same “do more with less” design strategy for marketing collateral, including printed conference brochures.

When the Demand print design files are completed, Bates Creative then evolves each issue into a digital edition to reach ASME’s global readership.

ASME Demand App

During the Discovery phase of the project, Bates Creative recommended for the AGDR editorial team to adopt the Adobe Experience Manager Mobile digital publishing platform to create its digital edition. The translation of the Demand print files into an interactive digital experience was planned to coincide with the overall publication launch.

The Demand magazine app features custom illustrations, interactive infographics and additional digital assets that mirror the design strategy established with its print counterpart with a digital twist. Animated infographics and branded illustrations take the publication to the next level versus a flat replica of its print files. The app enables users to share AGDR case studies to help promote the mission of AGDR across social networks and other digital media outlets.

Bates Creative’s ongoing design support for Demand print and digital editions continues to promote the impact of engineering in a visually intriguing design that embodies the ASME membership and how it fits into the overall organizational mission.

What can I say? You see Demand, and the design speaks for itself. The publication is so visually beautiful and engaging, it is able to capture attention way beyond the niche audience it serves.

Jessica Pothering, Editor
Demand ASME Global Development Review