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Association Media & Publishing

Signature magazine is the flagship bi-monthly publication of Association Media & Publishing, the premier membership organization connecting professionals in the association media community.

The magazine is delivered to AM&P members as a member benefit and provides information about the association publishing trade. Because AM&P’s membership is primarily made up of professionals in the publishing industry, the board of directors and editorial team strives for Signature magazine to represent the best-of-the-best in media publishing to keep its audience engaged and interested.


  • Magazine Ongoing Design
  • Messaging


  • Excel Awards
  • Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards
  • SPD Awards

AM&P searched for an outside design agency to create the cover and cover story design for each issue of Signature magazine to showcase a thought-provoking, conceptual flair to the cover stories. Bates Creative’s longstanding membership and active participation in AM&P combined with the agency’s unique approach to conceptual design segued a perfect opportunity for it to help AM&P accomplish its goals.

One reason that Bates Creative is consistently successful with its cover ideas is because the team truly understands the role of content in informing the design. They read the cover story carefully, and often point out specific sections that inspired their creative approach. It makes a difference when you work with a team that understands that design cannot just be attractive — it has to keep the reader on point and enhance delivery of the message.

Carla Kalogeridis, Publisher and Editorial Director
Signature magazine


Since January 2013, Bates Creative has been the agency behind conceptualizing and executing award-winning designs for Signature magazine’s covers and cover story spreads. The agency works with the Signature magazine editorial team to ensure that each issue’s cover and cover story design mirrors the professionalism of AM&P’s member base with a unique design twist. The goal is to inspire members to think outside of the box for the creative execution of their own publications and marketing collateral.

From 3D cut paper designs to handcrafted nameplates customized from thousands of feet of wire, Bates Creative continues to push the realm of flat publication design into an intriguing display of optical illusions, mixed media designs and custom photography for Signature magazine.

Following the completion of the cover design, Bates Creative includes a behind-the-scenes look into how each issue’s cover is created with the magazine’s introductory department, “Under the Covers.” Readers are able to walk through the top three creative concepts that Bates Creative explores to enliven the magazine’s often intangible cover themes.

I like working with Bates Creative because I know they aren’t afraid to push back a little if they think we’re heading down the wrong path. When each issue goes to press, I am confident that we have a well-executed cover that will do its job.

Carla Kalogeridis, Publisher and Editorial Director
Signature agazine