Case Study


ExxonMobil is a frontrunner in energy science with innovative technologies at the core of its service offerings. Bates Creative has been working with ExxonMobil since 2014 to create an interactive array of forward-thinking mobile apps for the brand. By designing and developing apps with the Adobe Experience Manager Mobile platform, Bates Creative accelerated the app development time by 166 percent at 50 percent of the cost of native app development.


  • Digital Discovery and Strategy
  • Mobile App Design and Development

ExxonMobil leverages the flexibility of its AEM Mobile license by working with Bates Creative to engage audiences with various mobile app use cases. From its recruitment app, Working at ExxonMobil, to its public-facing resources app, Digital Publications, to its internal corporate emergency communications app, First Responder, Bates Creative continues to create and deploy top-level apps that put the ExxonMobil brand at its audiences’ fingertips.


ExxonMobil, a leading Fortune 100 multinational oil and gas corporation, first worked with Bates Creative in early 2014 to launch a mobile app for its recruitment team to leverage for its U.S. recruiting season. The original Working at ExxonMobil app was developed using the classic Adobe Digital Publishing Suite platform in 2014 before evolving to Adobe’s new generation of digital publishing, AEM Mobile, in 2016.

ExxonMobil made the strategic decision to advance the Working at ExxonMobil app for a modernized consumer experience for users while positioning the brand as one of the world’s first adopters of the new AEM Mobile technology. With AEM Mobile, Bates Creative enhanced the design of the original app while meeting ExxonMobil’s goal of educating current and potential employees alike on any questions regarding the culture, functions and global energy policies of ExxonMobil.

The addition of a branded browse page—an analytics-informed opening screen that features collections of offline and online content—is exclusive to the AEM Mobile platform upgrade. Bates Creative designed the browse page with a broader breadth of branded ExxonMobil aesthetics while simultaneously enhancing flexible navigation between articles. A central browse page, a social media hub and dynamic video libraries fuel the interactive experience of the app for users during recruitment sessions or from the convenience of their personal mobile devices.


Bates Creative worked with ExxonMobil to create a mobile app that showcases the company’s robust inventory of public-facing resources. ExxonMobil previously published these resources as static PDFs and wanted to evolve them to align with its contemporary digital strategy. Housing all digital publications in one mobile app presented two benefits for the brand: it provides more value to its audience and it creates a more efficient workflow for ExxonMobil to update and add to these digital publications as often as needed.

Bates Creative designed ExxonMobil’s Digital Publications app as an interactive library of resources for users to learn more about the company. Bates Creative redesigned the previously PDF deployed publications in HTML to push the content to the app in a responsive nature. The new app enables ExxonMobil to instantly deploy updated content to the app across all tablet and mobile devices without going through the App Store’s approval process for each update.

The Digital Publications app consolidates the following ExxonMobil resources into a single app: Outlook for Energy, Corporate Citizenship Report, Financial & Operating Review, Summary Annual Report and The Lamp. The app also includes access to ExxonMobil’s Energy Factor website and social media channels for a multi-channel experience. As ExxonMobil updates these publications with new information, Bates Creative designs the new HTML files necessary to push to the app to keep users up to date with the most relevant and accurate information.