Case Study


SageWater, the nation’s leading pipe replacement expert, is reinventing the “gross” stigma of plumbing and leading by example as a top-notch specialist company with a sleek brand identity.

SageWater sought Bates Creative’s design services to explore how its branded collateral could be redesigned to help refresh and modernize its overall brand experience. Bates Creative approached the design process by presenting SageWater with a modernized visual strategy that emphasized the value of SageWater’s products.


  • Brand Refresh
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo / Identity Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Conference Collateral
  • Collateral Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Digital Advertisements


  • W3 Awards

SageWater’s brand refresh launched with a new visual appeal and tone for its printed brochure. Bates Creative collaborated with SageWater to map out how its printed collateral could stand out from standard stock imagery with customized photography. SageWater ultimately invested in an independent photographer to capture new photos of piping with a creative appeal. On set, Bates Creative art directed various staging of pipes in front of white backgrounds with neat lighting to capture artistic shots. Positioning “grotesque” pipes as works of art transformed the brand’s visual identity into a more engaging, 21st century business.

Bates Creative’s new visual direction for SageWater’s printed collateral set the pace for the company’s bigger picture brand strategy that strived to appeal to mass audiences across North America.

Bates makes sure that what you’re putting out there in fact ties to what you do in a way that’s tangible, meaningful and easy to understand. I think that the partnership between SageWater and Bates is really great at doing that.

Eric Lecky, CMO


SageWater deviated from its content heavy and technical past by working with Bates Creative to establish a consistent, multi-channel brand experience. Bates Creative leveraged SageWater’s recognizable green and blue branded color palette and complimented it with white space for its new line of collateral. This contemporary take on its brand elements portrays SageWater as a higher end business, which is the cornerstone of SageWater’s piping prestige.

SageWater leveraged its new brochure for a targeted mail campaign that reached several hundred thousand people over eight months. The company’s CMO has attributed the brand’s increased response of interest based on the feedback of its redesigned collateral.

Equipped with new marketing tools and confidence, SageWater tapped Bates Creative to expand its refreshed look into its trade show collateral, an extended photo library and its website.


Bates Creative studied SageWater’s marketing efforts, pinpointed improvements for its visual identity and leveraged those insights to redesign SageWater’s website with new elements pulled from its refreshed collateral.

Bates Creative recommended WordPress as the optimal CMS to align with SageWater’s preference for an easily navigable backend. Bates Creative designed and developed SageWater’s responsive website to both appeal to its target audience while streamlining its marketing department’s content strategy efforts by cutting time to market with publishing and overall costs. Design elements of customized iconography, photography, typography and colors wrap up SageWater’s cohesive brand refinish.

“We are starting to see a good response on the website,” said SageWater Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Lecky. “We’re literally getting calls from clients saying, ‘We’ve seen the new website and it looks terrific!’”