The results for the 2016 Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards are in and Bates Creative is excited to be the recipient of two Ozzie Awards and five honorable mentions. Folio:’s cornerstone awards ceremony, the Eddie and Ozzie Awards, celebrates excellence in beautiful editorial design and uncompromising journalism.

Bates Creative was awarded in the following categories:

Consumer – App (Magazine Replica): Live Happy Magazine App

Bates Creative, who first started working with the team at Live Happy in 2015, takes the complete print edition files for each issue and designs the interactive, digital issue of the magazine, built with the AEM Mobile platform.

Live Happy upgraded to the AEM Mobile platform in the spring of 2016 to streamline its workflow from print to digital. Bates Creative designed responsive HTML templates for the updated Live Happy app to deploy its digital edition across all mobile devices and embraced the AEM Mobile platform’s new browse page capabilities. The 2016 Ozzie award honoring Bates Creative’s work for the Live Happy magazine app is a nod to the team’s passion to consistently deliver a beautifully designed magazine app experience that takes hold of the newest digital publishing innovations.

Live Happy AEM Mobile App

Live Happy AEM Mobile App

Association / Non-Profit (Consumer) – Overall Design [Ozzies Print]: ASME, DEMAND Magazine Design

Bates Creative works with the ASME editorial team behind the publication, DEMAND, which is a compilation of case studies, infographics and reports submitted by social innovators from the around the world. The publication serves to demonstrate the diverse challenges and solutions emerging in the global development space.

Bates Creative and ASME have collaborated on producing each issue of the uniquely designed publication since its inception in 2013. Bates Creative designs the print and digital edition of each issue and strives to showcase the mission of the publication through the execution of its design strategy.

The 2016 Ozzie Award presented to Bates Creative honors the overall design of the print edition, which uses only one color, one typeface and no photography – deliberate decisions made to mirror how engineers are working to do more with less around the world.

ASME Demand Magazine Design

ASME Demand Magazine Design

ASME Demand Magazine Design

ASME Demand Magazine Design

Bates Creative is also pleased to be recognized with five honorable mentions in the following categories:

Association / Non-Profit (B-to-B) – App [Ozzies Digital]: ACA, CoatingsTech Magazine App Design

Consumer – App (Magazine Replica) –  [Ozzies Digital]: ASME, DEMAND Magazine App

Association / Non-Profit (B-to-B) – Cover Design – 6 or more Issues [Ozzies Print]: Association Media & Publishing, Signature Magazine Cover Design

Association / Non-Profit (B-to-B) – Redesign – 6 or more Issues [Ozzies Print]: ACA, CoatingsTech Magazine Redesign

Association / Non-Profit (Consumer) – Use of Illustration – Less than 6 Issues [Ozzies Print]: AACR, Cancer Today Winter 2015/2016 Use of Illustration

A panel of more than 300 judges narrowed 2,800 entries into a pool of roughly 1,000 finalists. In total, over 250 awards were given out across 33 categories. Our team would like to congratulate fellow recipients of the 2016 Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards.