How many people get to say, “I redesigned Air Force One”? Very few and Jen Fose, Creative Director at Bates Creative, is a member of this club. In the September 2018 edition of the Washingtonian, Fose alongside other DC notables, filled a blank Air Force One canvas with their personal adaptation of the President’s plane. The only criteria of the project? To illustrate the airplane from the perspective of the designer. Simple, and open-ended. Fose’s design soars high with a subtle blend of American history, positive thinking and female empowerment.

Washingtonian, the trusted lifestyle magazine of D.C. locals, scouted creative agencies with a diverse creative repertoire to take on this task. Fose fit the mold.

Fose took this as an opportunity to reflect the Bates Creative brand, and showcase the raw talent and values the agency stands firm on.

Fose illustrates why she made Lady Liberty dominate the design, “I focused on women. I wanted America to be represented as a woman, and not just any woman, but a strong symbol — a soaring superhero.”

“Air Force One is easily recognized in the skies both across the U.S. and abroad, so I designed the airplane to clearly represent our country’s ideals of freedom, democracy, and enlightenment, all at a glance,” Fose explains.

Bates Creative redesigns Air Force One.

Fose carefully crafted this with flowy, organic lines to create a feeling of real patriotism without being politically-driven. “I wanted it to be three things: American, positive, and beautiful; how people should view us if the Air Force One landed in their country,” Fose said.  

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