Private schools offer rigorous curriculums that speak to the importance of education while also establishing a connection of its student bodies to an overarching cultural principle. Because private schools do not geographically sector students, they must have strong support from an admissions and marketing team for successful recruitments.

Adobe DPS created a platform in 2010 that aligns design elements in InDesign for creating mobile apps in Digital Publishing. Through these interactive apps, users can explore concepts, brands and institutions anywhere and anytime at their own convenience. While apps are not intended to supplement a physical visit to a school’s campus, they offer additional exploration to the school’s facts and aesthetics.

We have compiled a list of how mobile apps created in Adobe’s mobile technology can leverage a school’s content to offer a portal of information and marketing toolkit.

10 Reasons Mobile Apps Advance the Private School Experience:

  1. Take users deeper into the school’s story by serving as the next best asset to visiting the campus
  2. Are able to be accessed ubiquitously in a single location
  3. Assist in recruiting prospective students through visually compelling and advanced interactive technology
  4. Create conversations with prospective and currently enrolled students through the consistent updates of push notifications
  5. Provides a convenience for users to directly interact with the school through specific articles
  6. Measure engagement through analytics
  7. Allow users to explore content in a more focused and streamlined format compared to the navigation of websites
  8. Provide an ease of updating information, multimedia and video onto the app compared to managing outdated printed collateral
  9. Organize and serve as photo books and albums of students and school events
  10. Posses the capability of linking to the web for additional areas of pertinent information

Learning by Example

St. John’s Parish Day School, located in Ellicott City, MD, has been educating children ages three through Grade 5 in the Episcopal tradition since 1965. Over the past several years, the school has placed a stronger emphasis on teaching children through the use of advanced technology. This emphasis on technology has also spurred St. John’s to take a look at its marketing collateral and explore new ways to engage with parents and families of prospective new students through mobile marketing initiatives as an additional experience to its website.

We transformed St. John’s printed Viewbook into an interactive app to showcase and share the experience students have attending the school. The all-encompassing app is a strong reflection of the school’s commitment to the importance of technology and education and serves as the next best thing to being on the campus. Interactive elements include videos, slideshows, audio clips, social feeds, and hyperlinks to apply to the school. The Viewbook app will help St. John’s drive engagement with parents of potential new students, parents of currently enrolled students and will also be leveraged to increase awareness of the school’s events and fundraising efforts.

If you’re interested in exploring the avenues and capabilities of building apps like the one we created for St. John’s Parish Day School, please email our team.