The National Association of Home Builders, one of the largest trade associations in the United States, encompasses 140,000 members that represent 80% of new homes built within the country each year. Since its establishment in the early 1940s, NAHB’s mission has been to, “protect the American Dream of housing opportunities for all, while working to achieve professional success for its members who build communities, create jobs and strengthen our economy.”

Within NAHB’s overarching organization is the National Sales and Marketing Council, a group of professionals who have been assisting builders to sell homes more efficiently since 1962. The Council publishes Sales + Marketing Ideas magazine as a member benefit as well as a public-facing publication to keep readers in tune with the newest developments. Each issue covers the latest on market research, model merchandising, sales management and more within the home building industry.

NAHB’s Council initially published its digital edition of Sales + Marketing Ideas magazine in a flat, flip-page solution that lacked the dimension and interactivity the Council wanted to deliver to its readers. NAHB tapped our creative services to explore different digital publishing solutions that could really build—pun intended—the association’s readership and membership outreach.

NAHB Sales + Marketing Ideas App—Before New App Launch

NAHB Sales + Marketing Ideas App—After New App Launch

Because NAHB consistently strives to enhance its members’ futures with more effective resources, we presented the editorial team a selection of digital publishing platforms that could transform its digital edition into a robust resource. The editorial team agreed that Twixl Publisher was the best fit to achieve the organization’s goals.

Twixl Publisher offers the tools to create engaging app experiences directly from InDesign, HTML and PDFs—bundling a simple workflow and dynamic publishing program into a single solution.

With everyone on board at the Council, we then designed responsive HTML templates in Twixl to streamline future digital publishing efforts for both the digital editions and preparation for any future advancements to the platform. By employing responsive HTML templates as a core component of its digital publishing efforts, the team only designs once for all devices, which expedites Sales + Marketing Ideas’ time to market. Functionality on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android phone? Check.

Aligning a Branding and Publishing Strategy

When NAHB rolled out its parent brand refresh in the Summer of 2016, we closely collaborated with its editorial team to ensure that the updated brand identity elements were brought into the design of the magazine where appropriate.

The addition of Twixl’s Browse Page feature is the proverbial branded welcome mat for readers when they enter the app. In addition to magazine content, the Browse Page allows NAHB to promote its other online and offline branded communications, including:

  • The current issue’s cover story
  • The complete current issue
  • An archive of past issues of the magazine
  • Its Products & Services Directory
  • Embedded video content
  • A “Become a Member” section
  • A “Join Our Newsletter” Section
  • Social media profiles
  • User Guide
  • “About Sales + Marketing Idea”
  • A “Contact Us” section

By transitioning Sales + Marketing Ideas to Twixl Publisher, we enhanced the publication with an assortment of content touchpoints for readers to dive into. Built-in analytics also provide the editorial team with insights to what content its readers are consuming the most. This helps inform the team on how to advance its content strategy for future issues.

Please, make yourself at home and check out Sales + Marketing Ideas’ app. If you like what you see, we’d love to discuss the possibilities that interactive digital publishing solutions, including Twixl, can provide with you some more.