Amanda McCarthy

Marketing Director

Amanda is at the helm of Bates Creative’s marketing initiatives. Known for her upbeat enthusiasm and precision focus, Amanda blends Bates Creative’s imaginative and energetic spirit with its tried-and-true design methodology to secure new opportunities for the agency.

Marketing is a field that happened organically for Amanda, but manifested as a passion with its multi-faceted intersection of branding, technology, creativity and business. As the face of Bates Creative’s marketing front-line, Amanda has been balancing the breadth of the agency’s expanding brand in tandem with business development strategy since 2012.

Amanda’s core understanding of Bates Creative’s identity has lent opportunities for her to represent the agency at events both in Washington, D.C. and across the country including New York City, Chicago, Orlando and Las Vegas.

Through these efforts, Amanda helps ensure that Bates Creative continues to hallmark its brand as an industry influencer and go-to agency for clients, prospects and partners.