Jen Fose

Art Director

Jen is constantly inspired by the world around her – from movie posters to the latest pair of Nike’s, she uses her unique creative lens to encourage and lead the Bates Creative design team.

With over 10 years of design experience ranging across print and digital media platforms, Jen has created compelling design experiences for clients including the Marine Corps Marathon, ExxonMobil, NPR and Napa Valley Vintners since joining the team in 2011. As Art Director, Jen excels at tapping into clients’ goals with approachable communication and design expertise. She has shared her passion for creativity at speaking events ranging from Georgetown University lectures to annual conferences.

When Jen approaches a new project, she envisions the task at hand with an intelligent, clean and streamlined eye before guiding her Bates Creative design team.

Two things that you’ll never find in Jen’s personal and professional life are clutter and wasted space. Every element in her design has a function and serves a purpose to the overall picture.