Rich Young

VP of Business Development

Rich is a sharp tack who understands that growth for Bates Creative depends on two things: personal agency-to-client relationships and metric-focused forecasts. He nurtures conversations by asking relevant questions and exploring situations before laying the most optimal solution for success on the table.

Rich’s success in the bizdev game isn’t due to having a pre-set agenda that pigeonholes a job into a single approach. His creative specialty is the art of effective communication with coworkers, clients, and partners to ensure a project is completed with top-notch satisfaction.

After being in the business of doing business for over 20 years, Rich has culminated experience connecting marketing goals with ROI-driven results for organizations and associations including Procter & Gamble, Williams-Sonoma, ExxonMobil, the U.S. Capitol and American Marketing Association. This diversification helps him understand and service tailored organizational objectives.

Now promoted to VP of Business Development for the agency, Rich’s ambition and genuine drive to create change for clients guides the Bates Creative vision in expanding its creative reach.