Twixl Media: Digital Publishing Solution

As a team that gets jazzed about new tech opportunities, Twixl Publisher’s digital publishing solution caught our attention almost immediately. In 2015, Twixl Publisher arrived on the U.S.’s mobile app sphere from Europe to enhance the publishing of your digital content. Today, we are a proud agency partner of Twixl Publisher.

Twixl Publisher offers the tools to create engaging app experiences directly from InDesign, HTML and PDFs—bundling a simple workflow and dynamic publishing program into a single solution.

Why Twixl Publisher?

All-in-one Solution

Without any need for coding, you can create mobile apps with rich and compelling content. Twixl provides a solution for content creation, app creation and distribution.

Easy Workflow and App Creation

Deploy your digital publications as an app with content created from InDesign or from HTML for a responsive experience.

Multi-Issue App Support

For publishers of multi-issue apps, Twixl is packed with convenient features such as kiosk management, in-app purchases, built-in analytics, and optional entitlement support.

Featured Twixl Client

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Ready to get started with Twixl?

As a Twixl partner, you can count on us as a go-to resource to fulfill your digital publishing goals, digital strategy guidance and overall creative services.