ACR, the American College of Radiology, is a professional medical society dedicated to serving patients and society by empowering radiology professionals to advance the practice, science and professions of radiological care. The organization publishes ACR Bulletin, a monthly magazine that keeps ACR members up to date on current research, news and advocacy efforts.

While ACR Bulletin is an informative source, ACR was interested in redesigning the magazine to help position it as a stimulus for ideas and communication among members, while challenging them in their thinking about the practice. In addition to a print redesign, ACR decided to revamp the digital edition as well and made a switch to Adobe DPS to create a more engaging and interactive reading experience for members on their tablets and smartphones.

ACR Bulletin – Before Redesign

ACR Bulletin – After Redesign

The redesign process began with the print edition, Bates Creative worked with the ACR editorial team to discover a new look and feel for the magazine. Our design team leveraged a conceptual approach for the new cover strategy. A conceptual approach enables ACR to present its cover story in a unique way that will get members to think differently and deeper about the content in each issue.

In addition to the new conceptual approach, the redesigned magazine features a full bleed cover – a departure from the old design, a redesigned masthead and interior pages that guide readers through departments and features.

Infographics and bold imagery are used throughout each issue to help bring the content to life, and also translate well into the digital space.

ACR used the magazine redesign as a springboard for a more innovative digital solution for the publication. The revamped digital edition of the magazine was designed by Bates Creative, based off of the final print files. ACR strategically decided to offer exclusive digital-only content and marketed it through the print edition to drive members to download and access the new magazine app.

With Adobe DPS, ACR is now better enabled to drive digital engagement with members. The organization can also track what content is most popular through their analytics dashboard and evolve the publication based on those findings.

The full-blown magazine redesign has given ACR an opportunity to not only foster engagement with members, but to also increase readership among members who might not have previously read ACR Bulletin.

Bates Creative will continue to design ACR Bulletin in both print and digital for ACR to distribute to its 30,000 members each month.