On December 5, 2013, FOLIO: celebrated the winners of the annual Eddie & Ozzie Awards in New York City. Bates Creative is thrilled to be honored by FOLIO: and named as the Winner of Best App, Association/Non-Profit.  The Ozzie Award was given to Bates Creative for its design and development of client Heifer International’s World Ark Tablet App.

World Ark Holiday 2013

This award marks the 5th award the World Ark Tablet App has received. Bates Creative has worked with Heifer International since late 2012, when the teams collaborated to create the first issue of the digital edition of World Ark using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. With the launch of the World Ark App, Heifer International became the first development non-profit to launch a magazine tablet app.

Since its launch, the World Ark App has been named App of the Week by Adobe and has been recognized by min: Best of the Web and the EXCEL Awards. News and media outlets have also covered the World Ark App, including Mashable, Adobe, and PR Newswire.

“The World Ark team was so excited to share the news of our FOLIO: Ozzie Award win with the Heifer staff amid the busy holiday season,” said Donna Stokes, managing editor. “It means the world to us to have such a beautifully designed app to attract attention to Heifer International’s extraordinary work to empower small farmers around the world. Congratulations to Bates Creative as well and many thanks for helping to bring our stories to life.”

Additional FOLIO: Recognition for Bates Creative

Bates Creative also received an honorable mention in the same category for their work with The U.S. Marine Corps. Bates Creative has designed and developed the Marines Magazine Tablet App since its launch in 2010. See the award winning Marines Magazine App in Bates Creative’s Portfolio.

In addition to being recognized for its digital work, Bates Creative also received an honorable mention from FOLIO: in the category Best Cover, Association/Non-Profit, Consumer. The honorable mention recognizes the design for the March/April 2013 cover of Signature magazine for Association Media & Publishing. The cover was designed to uniquely represent the cover story with custom illustration, grabbing readers’ attention instantly. Bates Creative’s blog post, “Magazine Cover Design Strategy: Break Away from Budget Barriers,” shares the process of designing this recognized Signature cover.