Redesign and the Bottom Line: Clients Share Magazine Redesign Results.

In today’s economy it is a tough decision to spend significant budget allowances on redesigning a magazine. In an effort to justify spending all those hard-earned dollars, most publishers have to ask themselves two things:

  • Can I quantifiably measure the redesign’s return on investment?
  • How will the redesign specifically affect my ad sales?

As an expert in magazine redesign, I can truthfully say that the impact of design can be hard to measure. To better answer these questions, I decided to elicit feedback from several clients and share results that we found reflected the general theme of most testimonials.

Client #1:

The first publication is in an industry that has recently been hit particularly hard. Since completing their magazine redesign just over a year ago, they have seen single digit increases in advertising. This may not be record setting, but for this particular magazine during that unusually challenging year, any increase was considered excellent. Comparatively, the increase was quite encouraging because their competitors saw a 30-50% decline in advertising sales over the same time period.

Client #2:

The second publication, reported increases in positive feedback from advertisers and readers, mostly about the improved design. More specifically, advertisers were appreciating how the newly refreshed look helped to define ads and make them stand out from editorial content. Differentiation was something that this magazine’s readers genuinely appreciated and praised simply by saying “this is so much better!”

Client #3

The last publication re-launched their fully redesigned magazine in early 2010. Since then, they’ve reported improvement in subscription rates. This publication made a drastic change in trim size, editorial strategy and brand identity. They also completed a comprehensive profile of their target audience and listened to many of their current readers’ suggestions. In effect, they fulfilled several previously unmet needs and targeted a new audience through upgraded content and complimentary design. In addition, their advertisers revealed that the drastic redesign made them more confident that readers appreciated, bought and used their products or services. In this magazine’s circumstance, clearly defining their mission and matching it with quality editorial and strategic design effectively built strong reader and advertiser affinity.

After studying this feedback, we continue to feel confident when explaining to clients or prospects that redesigning their magazine, along with refining their editorial mission and strategy, generally makes a significant and positive impact on advertisers and the bottom-line.

If you’re currently having the magazine renovation conversation within your organization, give a call! We happily offer full redesign consults or detailed written critiques upon request.