ATTN: Future Henry Fords & Thomas Edisons, ASME Redesigned Their Magazine for You

Imagine for a second that you’re John Falcioni, Editor-In-Chief of Mechanical Engineering. Each month you’re providing arguably the world’s most innovative profession with a magazine. You’re a leader in your organization’s mission to make ASME the go-to resource for mechanical engineers and also engineers in general. You’re serving a profession that has given our world some of its greatest feats from the moon landing, Panama Canal and the Three Gorges Dam. Your organization has made a giant leap forward with web and online initiatives. Then one morning you’re sipping your coffee admiring your latest print masterpiece, which just shipped out to 125,000 members in 150 countries, and a big question enters your mind: Is Mechanical Engineering the best it can be?

And that’s the start on the path to magazine redesign: reader research, content strategy & re-imagining design.

John & the Mechanical Engineering team came to Bates Creative with reader research in hand. Interpreting that research led to Sabatier Consulting being brought in for a content strategy workshop. The final step was the redesign of the magazine, which launched in December 2012.

The main goal of the redesign was to engage ASME’s global audience.

On the new design, Debbie Bates-Schrott, President of Bates Creative commented,

“The new design of the magazine set the platform for the content to really tell the dynamic stories of science and technology through the lens of mechanical engineering. Lots of images and graphics are used to engage the reader from page to page.”

Mechanical Engineering Cover After Magazine Redesign

Mechanical Engineering January 2013

As Editor-In-Chief, John expressed his hope for the redesign, writing in the January 2013 issue,

“We’re going to start treating you a little different this year. We’re not changing the place we’re taking you to, but we’re revamping how we’re getting you there…Join us in the ride as we discover new technologies, new ways to positively impact the world, and as we look in on some of those who are leading the way. The time has never been more exciting to be an engineer. We hope that your re-imagined magazine reflects it.”

Mechanical Engineering January 2013

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