align_signaturecontentNot easily forgotten

Everyone has a unique signature. But it cannot be said that every publication or website has signature content. It certainly is a goal to strive for.

Strong publishing brands always have signature content, i.e. Wired – Chris Anderson’s, Harper’s Index, Farmer’s Almanac weather forecast, etc. What is this thing called signature content? Signature content either appears in no other publication or the writer is distinctive or prominent, etc. and thus, the content stands out.

Signature content helps differentiate your brand (with readers and advertisers) from the competition.

One might argue that their entire publication, website, etc. is unique. While this may be true for some, most often it is not the case. The exception is if you publish a blog. Even then, one signature blog won’t cut it; blog content must consistently hit a home run to earn the right to be labeled “signature” content.

Signature is “stand out” content that creates a following, a “buzz”, or conversation… consistently.

Another example is the world map featured in each issue of The Week. [Note: if you don’t know this publication, pick it up at your newsstand. The Editor has created a successful news weekly…growing in print circulation…and soon to be improved on their website.] Anyone that reads The Week mentions the map (their signature content) which highlights where current events took place that are referenced in the publication.

Think about your favorite publication and/or website. What is the “can’t miss” section or column?

Now, think about your publication and/or website. What is the “go to” content? If nothing immediately comes to mind, then put “create signature content” at the top of your content plan list. The effort to create something that is not easily forgotten will be appreciated by your readers and advertisers.